WD My Passport ULTRA Setup For Mac - Simple Guide

my passport wd for mac

WD My Passport Ultra for Mac is equipped with USB-C technology, and it is an easy storage device to store all of your digital contents. Are you stuck with the setup procedure? Do check this article to know about WD my passport ULTRA for mac setup .

WD My Passport Ultra For Mac

Before you begin, here are the key features of your My Passport Ultra:

  • Textured design
  • Hardware encryption
  • HFS driver for Windows

Storage Varient on my passport ultra : 2tb, 5tb.

Here, We go:

Unpacking The WD My Passport Ultra:

At first, unpack the product box. Check all the components present. Take out the packaging materials along with your portable device. Now, let us start connecting the USB cable.

Connecting The Usb Cable:

Using the supplied USB cable, connect your Mac and WD My Passport Ultra. Here’s how to do wd my passport ultra for mac setup.

  • Initially, turn on your computer.
  • Now, connect one of the USB cables to the USB Type-C interface port of your portable drive and the other end to the free port of your computer.
  • Now, the LED indicator will power on.
  • Go to your Mac screen and on the dock, click the Finder icon.
  • Now, choose Finder and then select the Preferences option.
  • Check whether your portable drive appears under the Devices section. Or else, check it on your desktop, shows or not.
  • Sometimes, it may appear on the desktop screen due to the settings on your Finder Preferences dialog box. If the External disk option is selected, your newly inserted external drive would appear on the desktop.
  • Now, let us proceed with the software installation.

Continue reading to know more.

Software Installation On Mac:

On your Mac computer, open the WD Discovery for Mac software. Locate and double-click the downloaded .dmg file.

  • In the installation wizard, select the Install now option.
  • Now, the installation process starts. You can click the Apps tab to view the available apps and download WD app for your drive.
  • You can now partition your portable device on your Mac computer. It is done in a simpler way.
  • Using your Mac’s Disk Utility, navigate to the View menu at the top of the Disk Utility window and then choose Show all devices.
  • From there, click the eject button and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  • You are done the Setup process.

finally, you have seen the procedure for WD My Passport ULTRA For Mac Setup. To get instant assistance on external hard drive setup and troubleshooting, CALL our tech experts and get fine solutions. If you want get to know about How To Install Wd My Passport Ultra On Windows 10, visit here.

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