How To Solve Wd My Passport Not Showing Up On Mac?

Wd My Passport Not Showing Up On Mac

Try the simple troubleshooting methods given below if the WD My Passport Not Showing Up on Mac computer.

Method 1: Check The Connectivity Status

  • Initially, make sure that the WD My Passport drive is connected to your Mac computer securely. Because, in most cases, an unstable or loose connection between the devices (drive & computer) may lead to these kinds of issues.
  • Make sure that you’re not using the USB hub for the connectivity.
  • If necessary, replace the USB cable that you’re using for the connectivity.
  • Check whether the “WD My Passport not recognized on Mac” issue is resolved.

Method 2: Check The System Requirements

  • One of the most essential steps you have to take is to check whether your macOS meets the system requirements of the drive.
  • If not, connect the drive to another Mac computer that meets the requirements. Now, check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Modify The Finder Settings

    Sometimes, misconfigured Finder settings might also stop the WD My Passport drive from showing up on your Mac computer. To check and modify the Finder settings, follow the below instructions.

  • On your Mac, click on the Finder icon.
  • In the opened window, select the Preferences option and go to the General tab.
  • Now, check whether the External disks option is selected. If not, select it.
  • Similarly, go to the Sidebar tab of the Finder Preferences dialog box.
  • Under Locations, select the External disks option, if it is not selected.
  • Now, check whether the WD My Passport not showing up on Mac computer issue resolved. If not, perform the next method given below.

Method 4: Repair Using The Disk Utility Function

    All the external drives that are connected to your Mac computer will be displayed in the Disk Utility window, even if they do not show up in Finder or desktop. Now, if your WD My Passport drive is displayed in Disk Utility, but the drive icon is grayed and not mounted, then follow the below instructions to mount the drive.

  • In the Disk Utility window (click Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility), go to the View section and select the Show All Devices option.
  • Locate and click on your WD drive.
  • Now, click on the Mount button.
  • Perform the rest of the on-screen instructions to complete the mounting process.

Method 5: Repairing Using First Aid

    If you encounter an issue while mounting the drive on your Mac computer, use First Aid to repair the hard drive issue.

  • In the Disk Utility window, make sure that your WD My Passport drive is selected.
  • Click on the First Aid button followed by Run.
  • Complete the repairing process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, check if the "WD My Passport not showing up on Mac" issue is resolved. If not, contact us.

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