Wd My Passport Keeps Ejecting From Mac

“Does your WD My Passport keeps ejecting from Mac?”.If you are experiencing this problem, you’re not alone. This well-known issue is faced and fixed by many people.Western Digital (WD) My Passport is one of the best portable external hard drives designed by WD. This drive helps to back up, organize, and share your data securely. It can be connected to your PC or laptop via USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable and works with almost all the Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS versions.

Even if this external hard drive is compatible with Mac, sometimes, users receive an error message while accessing it.The “Disk Not Ejected Properly” or “The disk not ejected properly” error message is encountered by many users. It is displayed on the screen when the connected drive is disconnected without safely ejecting. So, initially, check to ensure that the drive is ejected safely from your computer.If the WD My Passport drive keeps ejecting from Mac frequently, continue reading this page to know the causes and solutions to fix it.

Causes Of Western Digital My Passport Keeps Ejecting From Mac

In most cases, these kinds of problems occur due to

  • A damaged hard drive
  • A problem with the USB or Thunderbolt port of your computer
  • An update issue with Mac
  • Using a wrong or defective drive cable
  • Connecting the drive to a defective power supply

Solutions To Fix WD My Passport Keeps Disconnecting From MAC

Try the quick and simple solutions given below one by one. After performing each method, check whether the drive is working properly. If the “WD My Passport keeps ejecting from Mac” problem persists, try the next method.

Connect The Drive Cable Securely

  • As the first step of troubleshooting the ejection problem, check whether the drive’s (USB) cable is connected securely at the ends.
  • If not, unplug and reconnect the cable to the drive and your computer.
  • If you’re using the USB type- C cable, switch to a normal USB and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Use a USB hub if necessary.

Disable The Sleep Timer

This feature automatically turns off your WD drive after a certain period of inactivity.

  • Connect the WD My Passport drive to your Mac computer.
  • Open Go.
  • Select Applications > WD Drive Utilities.
  • Choose your WD drive correctly on the opened screen.
  • Select Turn off from the Sleep Timer drop-down menu.
  • Now, check if the ejection problem is fixed.

If WD My Passport is ejecting from Mac again, try the next method.

Adjust Your MAC Computer’s Energy Saver Settings

Western Digital My Passport Keeps Ejecting From Mac
  • Open the System Preferences screen.
  • Select Energy Saver > Power Adapter.
  • Now, click the checkbox beside the “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off” option.
  • Deselect the "Put hard disks..." option by unchecking the checkbox beside it.
  • Click OK.

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