Learn how to install and use the "WD My Book 4TB USB 3.0" hard drive on your Windows / Mac computer.

Western Digital’s My Book is a reliable, compact single drive that enables you to save your data securely for future use. It is compatible with both laptop and desktop devices. Like other WD drives, this one comes with cool features, and some of them are:

  • Complete Backup solution: Local & Cloud Backup
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Formatted as a single exFAT partition
  • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Password Protection
  • WD Software: WD Backup, WD Security Software (compatible with Apple Time Machine), WD Discovery, and WD Drive Utilities

WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

Physical Setup

  • Initially, ensure that your computer (Windows or Mac to which you wish to connect the drive) is turned on, and you have signed into it with admin rights.
  • Now, plug the USB 3.0 cable from the My Book hard drive’s USB port into your computer’s USB port.
  • Wait for your computer to recognize the connected drive.
  • Once the drive is recognized, a screen or message “Found New Hardware” will show up.
  • Close the screen or message dialog box.

Installing The Drive Software

The WD Discovery software containing the necessary drivers is provided along with the drive. Open the drive folder and install the software on your computer.

Before you begin the drive's software installation, make sure that your computer is connected to a stable internet connection. If your computer (on which you're installing the drive) is not connected to the internet, open the WD Software Offline Installer for Mac or Windows folder and install the WD Drive Utilities and WD Backup Software (Windows only) software on it.

For Windows / Mac

  • Open the File Explorer or Finder window on your computer.
  • Expand the External section and click on your WD drive.
  • Open the drive folder.
  • Double-click on the WD Discovery.exe or WD Discovery for Mac .dmg file.
  • Install the drive's software, such as WD Backup (Windows only), WD Security, and WD Drive Utilities, by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once the WD Discovery app is installed, you can see the connected WD drives in the Devices tab and the available applications under the Apps tab on its screen.

Using The WD My Book 4tb Usb 3.0 External Hard Drive

Once the drive is installed on your computer, you can use it to back up the data of your preferences. In this section, we have covered an overview of how to back up the files from your computer to the WD My Book 4TB USB drive.

  • Open the WD Discovery app if it is closed.
  • Go to the Apps tab.
  • Click on the Open button beside the WD Backup app.
  • Choose the Add Backup Plan or Configure Backup option on the opened screen.
  • Configure the backup or add the backup plan settings as per your needs by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Once the backup plan is added or configured, the "Setup Complete!" screen will open.
  • Click on the Start Backup button on the same screen to begin the backup process.

Once the data is backed up to your drive, you can restore it at any time and from anywhere from the My Book 4TB drive.

Do you need to know more about the WD My Book 4TB USB 3.0 drive? Contact our technical expert team. For this purpose, we have provided the call option on this page.

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