Seagate One Touch Vs Ultra Touch HDD

Seagate One Touch Hdd Vs Ultra Touch HDD

Seagate One Touch and Ultra Touch HDDs are the two different bus-powered hard drives from the makers of Seagate. If you want to know the difference between these two hard drives, have a look at this comparison guide.

In this article, let’s compare these two hard drives in terms of specifications and features. After analyzing some factors like data speed, shock resistance, price, etc., let’s conclude which hard drive will be the best choice.

Similarities Between These Two Hard Drives

  • Capacity and available colors: Seagate One Touch HDD and Ultra Touch HDD come in two different color options. You can choose either black or white. When it comes to capacity, both these hard drives give you two options - 500 GB or 1 TB. Therefore, these hard drives are almost the same in terms of color and capacity.
  • Seagate mobile touch app compatibility: The Seagate Mobile Touch app lets you connect your HDD to your tablet/smartphone. This application allows you to back up your data from your device. Seagate One Touch and Ultra Touch support this application on Android devices.
  • Shock resistance: Both Seagate One Touch and Ultra Touch are resistant to electrical shock.
  • Sync Plus: This software allows you to back up your data from a compatible device to your Seagate hard drive. Both Seagate One Touch and Ultra Touch support Sync Plus.
  • Subscriptions: Both Seagate One Touch And Ultra Touch external hard drives come with a one-year subscription to Mylio Create and a two-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography.

Differences Between Seagate Ultra Touch vs One Touch HDD

  • Data transfer speed: Seagate One Touch HDD can transfer your data at a rate of up to 400 MB per second. Seagate Ultra Touch HDD can transfer 500 MB of data per second. Hence, Seagate Ultra Touch HDD offers comparatively higher data transfer speed than Seagate One Touch HDD.
  • Interface: You can connect Seagate One Touch to your computer or other compatible devices via a USB 3.0 port. Conversely, Seagate Ultra Touch can be connected to your device via USB 3.0 or USB-C port. So, Seagate Ultra Touch gives you one more option to connect to compatible devices.

By now, you should have known the differences, features, and specifications of Seagate One Touch and Ultra Touch HDDs. Therefore, we can conclude that, although Seagate Once Touch and Ultra touch are the same in several factors, the latter is better in terms of data transfer speed and interface options.

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