Seagate One Touch 5TB - Install, Backup & Format

Seagate One Touch 5TB Portable Hard Drive

Seagate One Touch is an ultra-small, portable external hard drive that enables you to store and access your data on the go. It is formatted using the exFAT file system. So, you can use this drive straight out of the box on both Windows and Mac computers.

You can also format the drive into APFS (Apple File System), HFS (Hierarchical File System), etc., if you wish to use it on cross-platforms. Below are some key features that make the Seagate One Touch 5TB drive unique and the right choice for all your data managing needs.

  • Seagate One Touch 5TB External HDD With Password Protection
  • Available in four different storage capacities: 5TB, 4TB, 2TB, and 1TB
  • Works with Chromebook, Windows, and Mac
  • Downloadable Toolkit software
  • One-year Mylio Create Plan
  • 4-month Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan
  • Rescue Data Recovery Services

Seagate One Touch 5tb Portable Hard Drive Setup

Perform the step-by-step instructions below to set up your Seagate One Touch 5TB hard drive in no time.

Connect The Drive To A Computer

  • Get the USB 3.0 cable that was shipped with the drive. (Don’t use an incompatible USB cable for connecting the drive to your computer. Why? It might lead to compatibility and other drive-related issues).
  • Now, turn on your computer (to which you wish to connect the drive) if it is turned off.
  • Connect the USB cable from your computer’s USB port to the drive.
  • Ensure that the cable is plugged securely at the ends.

Install And Register The Drive

  • Open the File Explorer or Finder window.
  • Locate the Seagate One Touch 5TB Hard Drive folder and double-click on it.
  • Now, the Start_Here_Win or Start_Here_Mac file shows up on the right of the screen.
  • Double-click on it to begin the setup.
  • When the next screen opens, type your first and last names and email address. Select the checkboxes beside the options given below ‘I have read and agree….’ Finally, you need to click the Register button to complete the Seagate One Touch 5TB hard drive setup on your computer.
  • Register Your Name Form
  • If your drive is not listed in the Finder window, open Disk Utility and click on the View icon beside the Disk Utility title. Choose the Show All Devices option to view your hidden Seagate One Touch drive.
  • Show All Devices

Backup Data To Seagate One Touch Drive

  • Have you completed the Seagate One Touch 5TB hard drive setup? If yes, you can start saving your important files on it using the Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop method.
  • For example, we have shown you how to back up the files from a Mac computer to the Seagate drive using the Drag and Drop method.
  • Open the folder or location (from where you wish to drag the files) in a new window on the computer.
  • Open the drive folder (where you want to drop the files) in another new window.
  • Now, locate the files or folders you want to move to the drive.
  • Select the files or folders that you have located.
  • Now, simply drag and drop them to the Drive folder. It is that simple, right?

Seagate One Touch Format

If you want to format your One Touch 5TB drive into some other file system in Windows 10, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Disk Management app on your computer.
  • Locate your drive and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Initialize Disk option from the list.
  • Choose GPT as the partition style and click OK.
  • Now, the drive will begin to initialize. Once it is done, the drive will say “Unallocated.”
  • Right-click on the unallocated drive.
  • Choose the New Simple Volume option. Now, a new screen will open.
  • Select the ‘Format this volume…’ option.
  • Choose the option of your preferences from the File system drop-down menu.
  • Click the checkbox beside the Perform a quick format option and click Next.
  • Format This Volume & Perform A Quick Format
  • Format the drive by following the rest of the instructions displayed on the screen.

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