Seagate Hard Drive Beeping After Dropped - How To Fix

Seagate Hard Drive Beeping After Dropped

Dropped your Seagate hard drive accidentally, and now, are you hearing the beeping sound from it? Then, don’t worry. You can resolve this problem easily. Continue reading this page to know more about solution for seagate hard drive beeping after dropped.

Seagate External Hard Drive Beeping - Why & How To Fix It

When you drop the drive on a strong surface, there are more chances of the drive getting damaged. So, if you’re hearing the beeping sound from your Seagate hard drive after dropping, it means the components inside the drive are damaged or broken.

The most recommended troubleshooting method to resolve this issue is to repair the drive. But before that, if the drive contains some crucial data, wait for it to turn off completely, and then recover the data from it with the help of a data recovery software.

Now, just try the troubleshooting methods on this page. They will help you fix your Seagate hard drive that’s beeping after it was dropped.

How To Fix The Seagate Hard Drive Beeping Issue? - 3 Fixes To Try

If you have started hearing the beeping sound suddenly from your Seagate hard drive, any one of the following might be the causes of the same:

  • Dust particles stuck inside the drive
  • No or unstable power supply
  • Malfunctioning of the drive components

Now, try the following troubleshooting solutions to fix the seagate external hard drive beeping and not recognized issue.

Clean The Drive

How To Clean A Seagate External Hard Drive

  • Unplug the drive from your computer.
  • Get canned air and use it to clean the drive.
  • Next, reconnect the drive to your computer.
  • Check if the beeping issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

Try A Different Cable Or Port To Connect Seagate

  • In some cases, the hard drive might also make a beeping noise if it is connected to the wrong port or you are using an incompatible USB cable.
  • So, ensure that the drive is connected to the right port and that the recommended USB cable is used for connecting the drive to your computer.

Repair Seagate Drive (windows Only)

  • Initially, make sure that your computer OS meets the system requirements of the drive.
  • Now, repair the drive using the Chkdsk utility.
  • To do so, open the Chkdsk utility on your Windows computer with admin rights.
  • Type your drive letter followed by “/x /r” in the opened window to scan and repair your drive.
  • For example, consider D as your drive letter. Now, type “d: /x /r” and tap Enter to scan and repair your drive.

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