How To Fix My Seagate Central Not Connecting To Network Issue

Seagate Central Not Connecting To Network

Seagate Central lets you organize your digital life at a single destination. You can back up your data in Seagate Central and access it across various devices. Sometimes, Seagate Central may not connect to your network. The problem might be with the Internet connection, Computer, or Seagate Central itself. However, when you handle this issue with the right strategy, you can fix it like an expert. Try out all the seagate central troubleshootng solutions listed in this article and rectify the “Seagate Central not connecting to network” problem.


  • If you have not connected Seagate Central correctly, you will probably end up in trouble. Therefore, follow the oncoming instructions to connect your Seagate Central to your network.
  • Remove all the cables from the Seagate Central device.
  • Take the Ethernet cable you received while purchasing Seagate Central and connect it between your Seagate Central and Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable is not damaged. In case you find any fault with it, try a different cable.
  • Now, connect the power adapter to the power port of Seagate Central and an electrical outlet.
  • Within a few minutes, Seagate Central will power up automatically.
  • Now, you can locate your Seagate Central on your network.
  • If your device does not appear on your network, proceed to the following troubleshooting solutions.


  • See if your Seagate Central lights up with solid green light on top. If so, it indicates that it has already connected to the network. In that case, you need to check a few aspects.
  • Check if you have connected your Seagate Central device to the same network to which your computer is connected. If you connect them to different networks, you cannot access Seagate Central from your computer.
  • See if you can locate Seagate Central from another computer or mobile device. If you can access Seagate Central from a different device, it denotes that the problem exists with the computer.
  • Reboot your router. To do it, turn it off and disconnect the power cable from the power source. After a minute, reconnect the power cable to the power source and turn it on. Now, check if you can locate Seagate Central on your network.
  • If you still face connection issues, try to connect Seagate Central to your computer directly. The following section can help you to fix Seagate Central Not Connecting To Network issue.


  • As you cannot locate your Seagate Central on your network, you can bypass the router altogether and connect your computer and Seagate Central directly.
  • Before starting, ensure that your computer and Seagate Central are turned on. Ensure that you can locate the Seagate Central device in your computer’s Network section.
  • Open the Public folder of Seagate Central and click the Manage Seagate Central link.
  • When the setup page opens, start setting up your Seagate Central device.
  • Once done, power off your Seagate Central and reconnect it to your router. Also, reconnect your computer to the same network.

Now, see your Seagate Central Not Connecting To Network issue fixed or not. If you still cannot rectify the problem, reach our technical experts for assistance.

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