How To Fix Seagate Backup Plus Not Showing Up Mac?

Seagate Backup Plus Not Showing Up Mac

Why is Seagate Backup Plus not showing up on Mac? There could be many reasons, but the chances of your hard drive being defective is significantly less. Therefore, you need not bother much about it.

Seagate manufactures top-class hard drives for Mac and PC. So, the problem is not with the brand or the product. Users face this kind of issue with a wide range of hard drives. It's not only Seagate's hard drive that comes up with this problem.

If your Seagate Backup Plus is not showing/recognized on your Mac, then you will not be able to view the files on your hard drive and cannot access them at all. So, it is better to look into this issue seriously.


As mentioned earlier, a “hard drive not recognized” problem is a common issue and can be fixed easily. In some cases, the hard drive may even gray out in Disk Utility. Though there are many reasons, we have listed a few causes here.

  • If you have updated your macOS or performed any software update, there may arise many types of incompatibility issues.
  • In case your hard drive is password-protected or encrypted, you might experience such issues.
  • Even if your USB port is damaged or faulty, the hard drive connected to that particular port will not be recognized.
  • If the USB cable is damaged or non-functional, your Seagate hard drive cannot be seen in Disk Utility.
  • Power shortage or power failure could also be the cause.
  • Your Mac may have an outdated disk drive if you haven't performed any software and hardware updates for a long time.
  • Your hard drive or system might be affected by a virus from recent downloads from any third-party website.

The above are the very common causes, and there are a few other unknown reasons too. Whatever be the cause, we got a few methods to try and fix the hard drive issue.


As soon as you see that your hard drive is not recognized on your Mac, first, try the basic solutions that may work sometimes.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the Seagate Backup Plus drive securely to your Mac.
  • Connect a different hard drive to the USB port to make sure there is no issue with the port. If the other hard drive is also not detected, then connect your Seagate hard drive to a different USB port that is working.
  • Connect your device using a different USB cable. Sometimes, the hard drive will not be detected if the cable is faulty.
  • Restart your Mac and connect the hard drive again.

If any of these solutions work, you can access and use your hard drive. In case your Mac still cannot recognize your hard drive, try the following solutions one after the other until you get it fixed.


  • Navigate to the Finder menu.
  • Select Preferences --> General.
  • Beneath the Show these items on the desktop area, check if the External disks option is enabled.
  • If the option is not enabled, click on the External disks checkbox.
  • Next, jump to the Sidebar tab.
  • Under Locations, make sure the External disks option is selected.

Continue reading the below steps to solve Seagate Backup Plus not showing up Mac problem.


Even after enabling the External disks option, check if your drive is detected in Disk Utility if you still cannot find your hard drive in the Finder.If you can find your Seagate Backup Plus drive in Disk Utility, then we can say that your drive has no significant hardware problem. Follow the instructions below to fix the hard drive issue.

Force Mount Your Drive

  • Launch Disk Utility.
  • Right-click on your Seagate Backup Plus drive in the left sidebar.
  • Click the Mount option.

Use First Aid To Fix Your Hard Drive

If the above method doesn't help recognize your hard drive, there may be some file system error on your drive. In this case, run First Aid on the Seagate Backup Plus drive.

  • Navigate to Disk Utility through Finder --> Applications --> Utilities.
  • Select View and choose Show All Devices.
  • Choose your Seagate Backup Plus hard drive.
  • Click First Aid --> Run.
  • Wait until the First Aid process is finished.
  • Once the operation is successful, check if you can find your hard drive on your Mac.

If the Seagate Backup Plus drive is still not showing up on Mac, you need to reformat your hard drive. Reformatting will erase your data stored on the drive. So, you’ll have to back up all the data on the drive. We hope the above solutions fix the Seagate Backup Plus not showing up Mac issue, and there will be no need for you to reformat your hard drive. You can call us if you got any queries.

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