Seagate 8tb External Hard Drive Not Recognized - Solved


When using an external HDD on a computer, there are many issues encountered by the users. The “drive not recognized” issue is experienced by almost all the users. But, the best part about this problem is that you can fix it easily and quickly. To know how to fix the Seagate 8TB external hard drive not recognized on your Windows or Mac computer, continue reading this page.

Before performing the advanced methods, try the basic troubleshooting steps given below.

  • As the first step of troubleshooting, check whether your Seagate 8TB external HDD is connected securely to your computer.
  • If you find that the USB cable is plugged in loosely, then unplug and reconnect it tightly.
  • Similarly, if the cable you’re using to connect the drive to your computer is damaged, then better replace it with a new cable.
  • Try to connect the drive to a different USB port on your computer.
  • Make sure that your computer OS meets the system requirements of the drive.

Read the below steps to know how to fix seagate 8tb external hard drive not recognized issue.

Advanced methods

For Windows

  • Initially, check if the drive is detected by your computer’s Device Manager and Disk Management console. To check it, open the Device Manager window. 
  • If the drive is detected, then select and right-click on it.
  • Click Properties > Volumes > Populate. Note down the disk number beside your drive.
  • Similarly, go to the Disk Management window and check if the drive is detected. If yes, note down the disk number.
  • If you find RAW or Unallocated beside your drive, then it means you need to reformat it to use on your computer.
  • In case the drive is not detected by the Device Manager console, then in the same window (Device Manager), locate the Unknown device, Other devices, or Mass storage device entries. Expand the Universal Serial Bus section.
  • Now, check if your drive is displayed under this section. If yes, then select and right-click on it. Choose Properties > General > Device Status.
  • If you find any error code, you can contact us to resolve it.

Continue reading to know more on resolving seagate 8tb external hard drive not recognized problem.

For Mac

  • If the Seagate 8TB external hard drive is not recognized by your computer’s Finder window, then open Disk Utility and look for it. 
  • To do so, open the Applications window and click Utilities > Disk Utility.
  • If your drive is not recognized by Disk Utility, then open the System Information/System Profiler window. 
  • In the opened window, go to the Hardware section and look for your drive.
  • If the drive is detected in this window, then note down its model or serial number to make it recognizable.

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