How To Recover lost Data Using Samsung Data Recovery Tool

Recover Lost Data From Samsung External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Because of the convenience that the Samsung external hard drives provide to the end-user, most of us like to store our important data on it. However, data loss may happen to anyone in situations like: transferring data from the Samsung external hard drive to another drive or when some system issues occur. Here we will discuss the steps to do Samsung Data Recovery.


  • Hard drive failures can be classified into two broad categories: Logical Failures and Physical Failures.
  • In case of physical failure, you need to have a look at the hard drive to check whether it is damaged or the pins are bent/broken.
  • Next, see if the hard drive is making some unusual sounds when trying to spin the platters.
  • Clicking sounds often indicate serious hard drive damage.
  • The head may be stuck on the platter, which leads to scratching it violently as the disk controller attempts to move it.
  • A scratched platter usually leads to data loss.
  • In case of software failures, you need to check whether your device is affected by badly written software applications, virus attacks, or unfortunate user errors.
  • However, in software failures, you can recover lost data from Samsung external hard drive using some well-reputed tools and software.
  • The data can be lost in the following scenarios too: sudden power cut issues, virus scans, and the wrong way of removing the external hard drive. Also while formatting the drive, users sometimes make the wrong partition on their hard drive unknowingly.


  • In order to recover the lost data from your Samsung external hard drive, you can make use of the Samsung HDD Recovery Tool.
  • Download and install the Samsung Data Recovery software on your PC.
  • The software is very much compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Once the program is installed successfully, select the Recovery Partitions option present on the home screen.
  • Choose the Samsung HD drive from the list and then press the Scan button.
  • The tool will start scanning the files and folders present on the hard disk.
  • All the files extracted during the scan are displayed under the Data View or File Type View section.
  • Now you can preview the files and can mark those files that you want to save.
  • Once you have done, recover lost data from samsung external hard drive
  • , choose a secure location to save the recovered files.
  • Finally, hit the Save button to complete the data recovery process.
  • However, you can also use any third-party software tools to restore lost data from Samsung external hard drive.
  • You need not worry about the procedure, once you install the Samsung HDD Recovery Tool, you need to follow simple steps to recover the lost files from your Samsung external hard drive.


  • It is always important to handle your data with utmost care.
  • Always back up your data on multiple locations or devices.
  • Install well-reputed antivirus software and keep it up to date.
  • If you feel any suspicious folder on your external hard drive, never open it up.
  • If you find any error message displayed on your computer screen, then try to resolve the error code as soon as possible.

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