PS5 External Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting

PS5 External Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting

Many PS5 users have reported several issues with their hard drives when connecting to their PS5 gaming consoles. One of the commonly-occurring issues they face is that the PS5 external hard drive keeps disconnecting. If you encounter the same problem, try out the troubleshooting solutions now and rectify the problem like an expert.

Check The Fundamentals

Before you proceed with the advanced troubleshooting solutions, you should check the fundamentals in the first place. Check the following aspects and fix the mistakes.

  • If you use a broken USB cable, replace it with a new one. Also, ensure that the USB cable is connected firmly to both ends.
  • Plug your hard drive into another USB port and see if it works.
  • Verify whether your hard drive is compatible with your PS5. Also, ensure that your PS5 is up-to-date. If there is any incompatibility issue with your gaming console’s current version, it is time to update it.
  • If you use a USB cable that’s too long, you need to replace it with a shorter one.
  • Corrupted external hard drives can cause several issues. You can fix this trouble by formatting them.
  • If you don’t find any fault with these parameters, proceed with the following solutions.
  • Check Your PS5 External Hard Drive On Another Device

    • This step is essential to determine whether the problem exists with your PS5 or the external hard drive.
    • What you must do is connect your external hard drive to your computer and check if it keeps disconnecting here also.
    • If it works well, it signifies that your PS5 is the source of the problem. Otherwise, the problem might be with your external hard drive.

    Sony Playstation 5 Software Update

    As discussed earlier, if your hard drive is not compatible with your PS5, it may keep disconnecting. In this scenario, you need to update the PS5 software to the recent version. Follow these instructions to know the detailed procedure.

    • Start your PS5 console in safe mode.
    • Head to the Settings section and select System> System Software> System Software Update and Settings> Update System Software> Update using the Internet.
    • Proceed with the instructions on the screen and finish the update process.
    • Once the PS5 gaming console gets updated to the recent version, connect your hard drive to it and ensure it works perfectly.

    We hope these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the “PS5 external hard drive keeps disconnecting” problem. For further queries and clarifications, utilize the Call button to reach our technical experts.

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