PS5 External Hard Drive Crash Fix

External Hard Drive For PS5 Crashed - How To Fix?

Gaming drives are always an excellent option to expand our gaming console memory. Therefore, many of us prefer an external hard drive to get more storage on a PS5. But, in some situations, the external hard drive you use to expand your storage may not work just as you expect. If it starts crashing on your PS5, it might be due to several reasons. However, the primary cause could be the connection between your PS5 and the external hard drive.

So, before going ahead with the following troubleshooting methods, check the connection in the first place. If the connection is not firm, disconnect your hard drive and reconnect it to your PS5 console. See if your external hard drive stops crashing on your PS5 console.

In certain scenarios, if your hard drive doesn't meet the requirements of your PS5, it may not work properly. In case you don't find any fault with any of these aspects, implement the solutions listed in this article and get rid of your PS5 external hard drive crash problem.

Diagnose Your External Hard Drive

  • Ensure that your hard drive supports USB 3.0 and has enough space up to 250 GB. If it doesn't support USB 3.0, it won't be compatible with PS5.
  • Also, see if your external hard drive is in working condition. Check your hard drive's health using your computer before you connect it to your PS5.
  • Everything you need to do is to connect your hard drive to your computer and see if it recognizes your hard drive. If it works fine, it signifies that the real problem exists with your PS5 or the way you have connected your hard drive.

Install The External Hard Drive In The Right Way

  • Take a USB cable and ensure that it is working fine without any damage.
  • Connect it between your PS5 and the external hard drive.
  • When your PS5 recognizes your hard drive, it will show you a pop-up. This will guide you through formatting your hard drive with the compatible file system.
  • If your hard drive still keeps crashing, restart your PS5 and see if it works. The following section will show you the exact process.

Restart PS5

Despite being compatible with PS5, your PS5 extended storage crashing when there is a problem with your gaming console. In this case, restarting your PS5 can be the ideal choice. Here are the steps to restart your PS5.

  • Click the Play Station logo to go to its control center menu.
  • Here, click the Power button. It will show you three different options to turn off your console; from these options, select Restart PS5.
  • Now, your gaming console will turn off and restart in just a few seconds.
  • Connect your external hard drive to your PS5 and ensure it works without crashing.

We hope these troubleshooting solutions have helped you solve the "PS5 external hard drive crashing" problem. In case none of these solutions fix the issue, get in touch with our technical experts for real-time assistance. For this purpose, we have given a Call button.

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