Password Protect Seagate External Hard Drive Mac

How to password protect your Seagate external hard drive on Mac? You should have come here only if you know the importance of data security.

Almost everyone who uses a PC also uses an external hard drive. People handle large amounts of data on their computer. They do take regular backups of their data and they are aware how important their personal data is.

If it comes to protecting an external hard drive, many people fail to do that. People used to carry their external hard drive to different places they go. They may misplace it or give it to someone for some purpose. Here is where their data may be stolen and misused. To avoid that, one may need to protect their external hard drive using a password. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to password protect your external hard drive.

Password Protect Seagate External Hard Drive Mac

Come, let us protect your data from prying eyes.


We will share two different methods to password protect your Seagate external hard drive on Mac. You don’t have to utilize any third-party software to do it.

Use Finder

  • On your Mac computer, open the Finder menu.
  • Locate your Seagate external hard drive.
  • Right-click on your hard drive.
  • Select Encrypt (Seagate drive name) from the drop-down list.
  • A new dialog box appears on the screen where you can create a strong password and a password hint. Make sure you create a password that is easily remembered and cannot be guessed by others.

Enter the following details:

Encryption password: Create your own password

Verify password: Re-write the password

Password hint: A way to remember your password

  • Click Encrypt Disk.

Your hard drive encryption starts now. Now, depending on the size of the hard disk, the encryption may take some time.

Use the Disk Utility Tool

Important Notice: Before password protecting your hard drive, you must know that this method will delete all your data. If you are using a new external hard drive, then you can perform this method. If not, you need to back up your data before performing this method.

You can use the Disk Utility tool if you don’t wish to encrypt the whole drive. You can create a partition on your external hard drive and then encrypt that particular partition.

  • Launch the Finder menu.
  • Click Applications.
  • Select Utilities.
  • Choose Disk Utility.
  • Now, select your external hard drive.
  • Near the top of your Disk Utility window, find the Erase button.
  • Click on the Erase button.

Note: Any data on your drive will be deleted.

  • Give your external hard drive a name and click on the Format option.
  • Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted).
  • On the new pop-up screen, create a new password.

Enter the following details:

Password: Create an easy-to-remember password

Verify: Re-write the new password

Password hint: Type a hint to remember your password

  • Click Choose.
  • Your external hard drive will be encrypted.

From now, whenever you access your hard drive, you need to enter the password.

Read the above instructions carefully. We have given important notice that should be kept in mind before you encrypt your hard disk. We hope you will password protect your Seagate external hard drive on Mac for data security. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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