Simple Steps - How To Set Up Easystore On Windows 10

WD Easystore Setup On Windows 10

WD My Passport Ultra is a high-capacity external hard drive that enables you to save your data in a single destination. The USB 3.0 connectivity lets you transfer files at a blazing speed. If you want to know the procedure my passport ultra installation on windows 10 computer, continue reading this page.

WD Easystore Setup Windows 10

  • Turn on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Take the supplied USB cable and connect it to your Windows 10 computer and the WD My Passport Ultra hard drive.
  • WD Easystore Setup
  • Ensure that your drive appears in the File Management utility.
  • Easystore External Hard Drive Setup

Note: The WD My Passport Ultra hard drive comes preformatted with the NTFS file system. So it works on your Windows computer without the need to formatting.

That’s it. In this way, you should connect the mypassport ultra to your PC. Hereafter, you can use the hard drive as an external storage device. If you want to learn the steps for software install for the WD My Passport Ultra in Windows 10, read the next section.

Install The My Passport WD Software

  • Locate the WD Apps Setup file within the hard drive’s folder and run the software.
  • Western Digital My Passport Ultra Driver For Windows 10
  • If you see the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box, click Yes.
  • On the WD Apps Software Installer screen, click Next.
  • My Passport Ultra Software Download
  • On the following screen, choose the software you wish to install. To install all the software, select Recommended Install. To install only some specific software, click Custom Install.
  • wd my passport ultra software download
  • When the License Agreement screen appears, accept the terms and conditions.
  • My Passport Ultra Drivers Windows 10
  • The progress of the installation will appear on the screen and once it reaches 100%, click Next.
  • When the "Installation Complete" message appears on the screen, you can choose your preferred option.
  • download driver my passport wd
  • To back up your files, click Back up files with WD Backup and click Next. To secure your hard drive, click Set security with WD Security and click Next. If you prefer to access your hard drive straightaway, click Manage your drive and click Next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and successfully finish the installation.

WD My Passport Ultra is All Yours Now!

Now you have seen How To Set Up Easystore On Windows 10 computer. In case you still have queries/doubts, you can reach our technical experts using the call option on this page. We ensure a quick response and a quick fix.

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