How To Unlock Seagate External Hard Drive On Mac?

How To Unlock Seagate External Hard Drive On Mac?

Unlocking Your Drive

The Seagate Secure drive is designed such that it locks automatically whenever you disconnect it from your system. Follow the below steps to know how to unlock seagate external hard drive on mac.

Remember these hints before unlocking Your Seagate Secure Drive.

  • Ensure that you turn off the caps lock key (on the keyboard) when you are typing your password unless your password includes any capital letters.
  • If more than one Seagate Secure drive is connected, then you have to select the drive (the one you are planning to unlock) by its name.
  • You can enter the password within three attempts; if you fail, you need to disconnect your drive and reconnect to try again.
  • If your password contains the letter "O" or the number "0", make sure that you are typing the correct one.

Continue reading to know how to unlock seagate external hard drive on mac.

Unlock Your Seagate Secure Drive

  • Navigate to the Seagate drive icon and click on it. Next, click on Get Info.
  • Go down and you will find Sharing and Permissions at the bottom; click on it.
  • Click the lock icon when prompted to enter your password.
  • Locate the checkbox on the left side of the window and select Ignore ownership on this volume so that anyone can access the drive.
  • If it is a formatted drive and you have done the formatting recently, you can change the individual permissions in the box that appears.

Unlocking the encrypted hard drive on Mac

The unlocking steps for an encrypted hard drive are pretty much the same as mentioned above.

  • In the Finder or in the sidebar of your Mac, right-click on Option and click on the Seagate drive icon.
  • A menu will pop up. Now, click Decrypt [DriveName]---

Note:  DriveName will be the name of the drive that you are unlocking.

  • This option works if you know the password. If not, it just takes some extra work.

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