How To Switch Wd Passport From Mac To Pc?

How To Switch Wd Passport From Mac To Pc?

In this section you will learn how to switch wd passport from mac to pc without losing any data from your drive.. Switching a WD Passport drive from Mac to PC is not a challenging task. You can do this process on your own. Follow the steps given on this page, and you can easily switch the external drive. While switching the drive, make sure that you have taken a backup of your drive.

Check Whether The Wd Passport Drive Is Alive:

  • On the Mac computer, plug in the WD Passport external hard drive using the USB cable; check if the WD drive automatically turns on. Now, the WD drive icon appears on the Mac computer.
  • In case the drive is formatted as exFAT or FAT32, you can use the WD Passport on both Mac and Windows.
  • If your WD drive is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled), you can use the WD drive only on the Mac computer.
  • If you switch the WD drive from Mac to Windows, you can’t access or use the files on the drive. So, the first thing you have to do is, take a full backup of the WD drive.
  • You can store the backup file in the WD Cloud or another external hard drive.
  • Once the backup is complete, format the WD Passport external hard drive.

Now you have seen how to switch wd passport from mac to pc.

How To Format Wd Passport On Windows?

  • First, connect the WD drive to the Windows 10 computer, then make sure the drive appears in the This PC window.
  • Click the Start icon and then type disk management; select Disk Management from the best match list.
  • You can also open the Device Manager in another way. Right-click on the Start icon and then click Disk Management from the list.
  • On the Disk Management window, locate your WD Passport drive. Next right-click on the drive icon and then click Format.
  • Once the format is complete, a black bar appears and then it shows unallocated.
  • Now, you have to partition the unallocated space to use the WD Passport drive on the Windows computer.

Continue reading the below steps to know more on how to switch wd passport from mac to pc.

Steps You Have To Follow On The Setup Wizard:

  • Right-click on the unallocated space icon and then click New Simple Volume.
  • Next, A New Simple Volume Wizard will appear; click Next.
  • Choose the volume size according to your requirements and allocate the memory within the maximum disk space.
  • On the Specify Volume Size screen, type the volume in the Simple volume size in MB drop-down box and then click Next.
  • Now, select the Assign the following drive letter radio button, then click the drop-down box to choose a letter to your drive. Now click Next.
  • On the Format Partition screen, select Format this volume with the following settings, and then click the File system drop-down box; now select NTFS.
  • Don’t change the Allocation unit size; let it be in the Default.
  • Give a name to your drive in the Volume label text field.
  • Select the Perform a quick format checkbox and then click Next.
  • Wait until the partition process is complete; once the new sample volume is complete, click Finish on the New Simple Volume Wizard.
  • Now, go to the Disk Management window, then check if your WD drive icon is in the blue bar and also check if the memory is allocated.
  • Now, from the WD Cloud, restore the backup files to the WD Passport drive.

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