How To Set Up Seagate Hard Drive For PS4

How To Set Up Seagate Hard Drive Ps4

In this section you will learn How To Set Up Seagate Hard Drive PS4. PS4 or any other PlayStation consumes a large amount of memory, so it is a better idea to connect it to an external hard drive. The Seagate external hard drive gives you the option to connect it to your PS4. But before you start with the steps to do that, you need to do some initial setup.

PS4 consumes up to 8TB to save its game files. Connecting the Seagate hard drive to the console is easy, and you need to spend only a few minutes for the setup.

Use a USB 3.0 connection to connect your Seagate drive to the computer. The external drive cannot be connected to the console through a USB hub. So, it should be directly connected to any one of the USB ports on the PS4.

Here are the steps to format seagate external hard drive.

  • Plug in the drive in the usual way.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Devices from the result.
  • From Devices, select USB Storage Devices.
  • Press the X button so that the Seagate drive will be selected.
  • Now, choose Format as Extended Storage.

Note: Before selecting the above option, ensure that you have taken a backup of your drive because formatting will erase all your files, documents, and pictures from the drive.

  • Once the formatting process is done, click Next.
  • It will lead to the next window, where you have to select the Format option.
  • Finally, you will see Extended Storage under storage, which is under Settings, which means your drive is ready to be set up for PS4. Now, you can start installing the games and apps.

You have done it, and you can carry it anywhere along with you. You can use the hard drive and the PS4 at your friend's place and play together and enjoy.

For more assistance on How To Set Up Seagate Hard Drive For PS4, Contact our technical experts and get instant solution. If your hard drive not works, after setup please refer our page How To Fix Seagate External Hard Drive On PS4 Not Working.

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