Recover My Overwritten Files On An External Hard Drive?

This web page shows you how to recover overwritten files on your external hard drive in 2022.

Overwriting a file is an effective and suitable method to secure your confidential information from an unknown person. When you overwrite a file, the existing data is replaced with new content. At the same time, the file name and size remain the same.

In some cases, the overwritten files can’t be recovered.

If you’re looking for the right procedure to recover the overwritten files on your EHD (external hard drive), continue reading this page.

Recovering overwritten files on EHD (2022)

You can recover the overwritten files on your EHD using one of these two methods:

  • From the Previous Versions
  • Using the Data recovery software

These two methods are recommended for Windows users. Mac OS users can use the second method to recover their overwritten files on an external hard drive.

From the Previous Versions

This method works only in certain circumstances. So, if you’re unable to recover the overwritten files on EHD, try the next method for the same.

  • Connect the EHD to your computer.
  • Open the File Explorer window on your computer.
  • Now, select and right-click on your drive.
  • Click on the Properties option.
  • Now, go to the Previous Version tab.
  • Select Restore from the drop-down menu above the Apply button.

Using the data recovery software

Search for the data recovery software that helps you recover the overwritten files on your EHD and install the software on your computer. Some EHD data recovery applications are Disk Drill, Tenorshare 4DDiG, etc.

  • Open the EHD data recovery software installed on your computer.
  • Ensure that the drive is connected to the computer on which you have installed the data recovery software.
  • Now, select the drive and click Start or Scan on the software screen.
  • Once the recovery software displays the recovered data, locate and select the files you wish to recover.
  • Finally, click on the Restore, Recover Item(s), or Recover button to retrieve the selected files.

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