Recover Files From External Hard Drive Using Cmd

Losing or deleting a file when accessing it is a very common mistake that everyone makes. The good news is you can easily and quickly recover any kinds of lost or deleted files from your external hard drive.This data recovery page shows you how to recover files from an external hard drive using the Command Prompt (CMD) program.

Recovering files from EHD (external hard drive)

There are many different ways to recover the lost or deleted files. Some of the possible ways to recover the files are:

  • Using CMD
  • Using data recovery software
  • Using Backup
  • Using Undo

Many people prefer using a data recovery application to recover the files from an EHD. However, we can’t say that your file will be recovered successfully using it. So, before using the software, try to use your Windows computer’s CMD app to recover the lost file.

  • Connect the EHD (from which you want to recover the files) to your Windows computer.
  • Now, open the Command Prompt application with admin rights.
  • Type the “chkdsk *:/f” command in the application window and tap Enter. (Replace “*” with your drive letter).
  • Now, the CMD window will scan the selected drive completely.
  • When prompted, enter your drive letter again in the CMD window.
  • Tap Enter.
  • Now, type the “attrib –h –r –s /s .d *.*” command and tap Enter to recover the lost files from your external hard drive.
  • Once the data recovery process is completed, the recovered files will be stored in a new folder on your drive.
  • Open the drive and check whether there is a new folder. If yes, open it and check whether the files are recovered successfully.
  • If there is no new folder on your drive, re-perform the recovery process.

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