How To Install Seagate Dashboard On Windows 10

How To Install Seagate Dashboard On Windows 10

If you are searching for an answer for how to install Seagate Dashboard on Windows 10, we are happy to say that your long search ends here. On this page, we provide simple step-by-step instructions to install Seagate Dashboard. Seagate Dashboard is a tool to back up data continuously or at regular intervals from a Seagate drive to your Cloud account. It helps to upload your media files to social networking and also to download pictures posted on your social media platform to your drive. You can use Seagate Dashboard to manage settings for your Seagate drives.


  • Plug your Seagate drive into your computer.
  • Once you insert the drive, you will find an installation link within the Seagate folder.
  • Click on the link. You will be redirected to thea Seagate web page.
  • Select your operating system (Windows).
  • When you are asked to register your drive, click the Register button.
  • After registering, scroll down on the same screen to find the option to install Seagate Dashboard.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Now, the InstallShield Wizard pop-up appears on your screen.
  • How To Install Seagate Dashboard On Windows 10

    Note: The InstallShield Wizard screen shows the files that are to be installed before starting the Seagate Dashboard.

  • Click Install.
  • On the License Agreement page, select Accept and Install.
  • The Seagate Dashboard will be installed on your computer.
  • Once finished, you are set to use the Seagate Dashboard’s protection and other valuable features.

For example, the Seagate Dashboard lets your back up your PC, mMobile, create a media library and update it automatically, share and save your social media contents, and restore a backup.We hope you understand how to install Seagate Dashboard on Windows 10. If you still have doubts, contact us for better guidance.

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