How To Install Seagate Backup Plus On Windows 10

The Seagate Backup Plus portable drive is an ideal way to preserve your digital memories. Just plug the drive into your Windows or Mac computer using a USB cable and start using the hard drive. To know in detail how to install Seagate Backup Plus on Windows 10 computer, continue reading this article.

Install Seagate Backup Plus On Windows 10

Connect Your Seagate Backup Plus Windows 10

  • Before installing the hard drive on your Windows 10 computer, ensure it has 600 MB of free disk space.
  • Using the supplied USB cable, connect your Seagate Backup Plus hard drive to your computer.
  • Now, you can locate the hard drive in File Explorer.

Seagate Backup Plus Setup

  • The setup process includes the registration of Seagate Backup Plus and installation of Toolkit. Hard drive registration enables you to get the most from it with easy access to information and support. With Toolkit, you can sync and manage folders, create backup plans, and do much more.
  • Locate your Seagate Backup Plus in File Explorer and click Start Here Win.
  • When the Register window appears, enter the required details in the appropriate fields and click the Register button.
  • When prompted to download Toolkit, click the Download button.
  • Before installing Toolkit, ensure your computer is connected to a stable Internet connection.
  • Now, go to the Downloads folder and click the Seagate Toolkit setup file. Then, install the software on your computer by following the instructions on the screen.

Seagate Backup Plus Format (optional)

Seagate Backup Plus comes pre-formatted with the exFAT file system and this is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. However, if you are going to use your drive exclusively on Windows computers, it is recommended to format it with the NTFS file system, which is the native file system for Windows.

  • Follow these instructions to proceed further.
  • On your Windows computer, open the Run box (Windows + R).
  • Type diskmgmt.msc and click OK.
  • When directed to the Disk Management section, right-click on your hard drive and select Format.
  • In the Format dialog box, enter your hard drive’s name in the Volume label field. Select the File system type as NTFS and leave the Allocation unit size field as Default. Then, click OK.
  • In a short duration, your Seagate Backup Plus will be formatted with the NTFS file system.
  • You can also use Toolkit to format your hard drive, and it takes just a few clicks.

The procedure given above explains how to install Seagate Backup Plus on Windows 10 computer. For further questions and clarifications, get in touch with our expert team by utilizing the call option we have provided on this very page.

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