How To Factory Reset Wd Easystore?

Factory Reset Wd Easystore?

In this section we will explain how to factory reset wd easystore in detail. Western Digital Easystore external hard drive helps you to save data on your computer, and it is a good and safe way to back up your files. But these drives can also create problems at times. If you are facing such a problem, then you can perform a reset/ format on the device, which should be your last option. Resetting the WD drive deletes the data and the settings and makes the drive return to the default factory settings.

The steps given below will help you learn how to reset WD Easystore to factory default in just a moment or two.

It is always advisable before you start the reset process, Back-up your data on the drive and then proceed to reset.

The reset or Hard Reset involves two types --- Short Reset and Long Reset.

First, Let Us See The Short And Simple Reset:

Factory Reset WD Easystore Using Short Way

  • Turn on your WD Easystore drive but unplug it from your system. Your system should not be connected in any way.
  • Take the drive in your hand and look for the small reset button placed inside a hole at the backside of the device; it is a tiny button inside a pinhole.
  • If you have a paper clip, then straighten a leg of the pin or take any thin narrow object, insert it into the hole to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. This will reset your WD Easystore drive to the default settings
  • Now you have seen how to factory reset wd easystore using short reset process.

Second, Let's See The Long Reset:

Factory Reset WD Easystore Using Long Way

  • Same as the previous method, insert the paperclip into the hole and press the "Reset" button. The long reset erases the entire drive data and its customized settings.
  • Press the reset button on the WD drive for 10 seconds and then release it. After 40 seconds, the drive will restart. This is a "long" reset, and your drive will be completely reset to factory settings.
  • Finally, plug in the WD Easystore drive to your system and check if the drive is reset to the default factory settings.

These two are the ways to reset WD Easystore to factory settings. For more assistance on how to factory reset wd easystore, CALL us and get instant solution. Additionally, if your WD Easystore Not Showing Up On Windows 10, then visit our page.

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