How To Download Adata HDDtoGO Software

Download Adata Hdd To Go Software

The HDDtoGO software is the best option to enhance the functionality of your storage device. However, this software is no longer available on its official website, and it was replaced by Backup ToGo software. Still, Backup ToGo has the same functionality as HDDtoGo software and also includes powerful backup software. Here, you'll know how to download Adata HDDtoGO Software (Backup to go) with clear instructions.

Backup ToGo lets you synchronize your browser, folders, desktop, Microsoft Outlook, etc. This software even gives you an option to compress and save your data on your hard drive. And, there are so many outstanding features with this Backup ToGo software. If you are looking for the procedure for downloading and installing this software on your computer, read this page completely.

Before you download the software, ensure that your computer meets the following requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows /7/8/10
  • Browser with the recent version
  • Available USB port
  • In case you are installing this software on your smartphone, ensure that it supports Android 6.0 or above.


  • From your default browser, visit the official support page of Adata.
  • On the home screen, locate Support at the top left corner and click it.
  • Locate Support
  • On the following page, click Consumer Products.
  • On the Consumer Products screen, go to the Download tab and click Software.
  • Scroll down and locate the Backup ToGo software section.
  • If you want this software for your Windows computer, click Download Backup ToGo (for Windows/PC).
  • Conversely, to download the software for your Android phone, click Download Backup ToGo (for Android/Mobile Phone).
  • Download The Software
  • That’s it. You have successfully downloaded Backup ToGo on your computer/smartphone.
  • The Backup ToGo software doesn’t require any specific installation process. You just need to double-click on the setup file and start using the application.

In this way, you should download and install Backup ToGo on your computer/smartphone (Adata HDDtoGO Software). For further questions and clarifications, you can reach our technical experts for assistance.

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