How To Backup Iphone On External Hard Drive?

How To Back Up Iphone On External Hard Drive

Moving data to an external hard drive is a good idea. There are several benefits of external hard drives. You can use them to increase your iPhone/iPad storage capacity, which leads to improved performance. Let’s see in detail how to backup iPhone on external hard drive.


  • Turn on your Mac computer.
  • Use a lightning cable to connect the computer and your iPhone.
  • If you haven’t plugged them before, you will get a notification.
  • Click on trust your iPhone on your Mac.
  • Similarly, tap on trust your Mac on the iPhone.
  • Make sure that you have an external hard drive plugged in.


  • Open up the Finder window on your Mac.
  • Go to the General tab, then click on Manage Backups.
  • Select a specific device from the list, hold down the control key, and click on the device.
  • From the list of available options, choose Show in Finder.
  • Now open your external hard drive.
  • Go to the device backup folder. You will find the name of the folder as “Backup.”
  • Click and drag it to your external hard drive.
  • If prompted, type in your admin password to authenticate that it's you who is doing all the backup actions.
  • From the external hard drive, rename the iOS backup folder as ios_backup.
  • You may need to enter the admin password once again to make the changes.
  • Rename the old backup folder as old_backup to avoid confusion.
  • Continue reading to know more on how to backup iphone on external hard drive.

  • It’s time to create a symlink to inform your Mac about the new location of the backups.
  • Open System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and choose the Privacy tab.
  • Enter the system password and click Unlock on the pop-up screen.
  • Click Full Disk Access, then choose the + sign to add Terminal to the list of apps with full granted permissions.
  • On the Finder screen, type Terminal in the search box and tap on Open.
  • Type the pathway correctly as every person’s hard drive name and backup folder name differs.
  • Now open the Terminal using Spotlight.
  • Type the pathway code as your system shows and click on Return.
  • Finally, quit the Terminal.

These are the steps to back up the iPhone on an external hard drive. For more assistance on how to backup iphone on external hard drive, Reach us and get instant solution for your problems.

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