Hard Drive Clicking Issue

Solved - Hard Disk Sound Of Clicking

Are you hearing a clicking sound from your hard drive? If yes, your drive must be facing hardware or software issues. Here are some common causes and methods to overcome the hard drive clicking issue.

HDD Clicking Sound - Causes

Physical Damage

Have you accidentally or unknowingly dropped the drive on a hard surface? Has it been exposed to fire? If yes, the hard drive’s internal parts might be damaged.

As a result, you will start hearing the clicking sound from the hard drive when using it for reading/writing data.

Damaged Platters

The platter is a very important part of a hard drive. It is used for storing data in the drive. If the platter is damaged, the hard drive's actuator arm misbehaves, resulting in a hard drive clicking issue.

Actuator Arm Tear Down

As time passes, new hard drives can also become old and might start encountering issues. When the hard drive becomes old, its actuator arm will tear down and start malfunctioning.

This scenario also results in the hard disk clicking sound issue.

Hard Disk Sound Of Clicking?- How To Fix This Issue

Service The Hard Drive

  • If the internal parts, such as the platter, actuator arm, etc., are damaged, the only thing you can do is service the drive.
  • Replace the necessary parts and try to use the drive.

Connect The Drive Securely

  • Unstable/improper connection from the drive to your computer or power outlet will also result in the clicking issue.
  • So, ensure that the drive is securely connected to your working power outlet.
  • Check if the compatible USB cable is connected from your drive to the computer. If not, unplug and reconnect the drive.
  • Also, ensure that you are connecting your drive to a compatible computer.

Cool Down The Hard Drive

  • You might also hear the clicking sound from your hard drive when it gets overheated.
  • In this case, cooling down the hard drive will help you resolve the hard drive clicking issue.

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