Backup Windows XP To External Hard Drive

Backing Up Windows Xp To An External Hard Drive

A backup is always the best option to save your data for future use. There are many ways ranging from easy to hard to back up a file. Many prefer using an external hard drive to back up their data because it is portable, fast, and easy to use. This article will guide you in backing up the Windows XP computer to an external hard drive.

Backup XP To External Hard Drive - Quick Guide

  • Initially, create a folder and save all the files that you wish to back up to an external hard drive on your Windows XP computer. If you want to back up all the information, you don’t need to create a folder. Select the All Information option to back up the entire computer when performing the backup.
  • Now, connect the external hard drive (to which you want to save the backup) to your Windows XP computer.
  • Ensure that the computer has detected your EHD (external hard drive).
  • Now, click on the Start menu. Choose All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup.
  • Now, the Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard window will open.
  • Click Next in the opened window.
  • Choose the Backup files and settings option on the screen that’s displayed and click Next.
  • Now, choose the document or file type that you want to back up.
  • Click the radio button beside the All information on this computer option if you want to back up the entire Windows XP computer files and settings to an external hard drive.
  • After choosing it, click Next.
  • Now, a wizard asking you to choose the destination will open.
  • Select the connected external hard drive from the drop-down menu or use the Browse button.
  • After doing that, type the backup name in the given field and click Next.
  • Check and ensure that your backup settings, such as file type, destination, etc., are configured correctly on the opened screen.
  • Click Finish to begin the backup.

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