Avolusion External Hard Drive For PS4

Avolusion PS4 Hard Drive

Whenever we don't have enough space for our games on PS4, we would think of buying an external hard drive. Having more storage lets us keep our apps and games without deleting them. Continue to read this page to learn how to use your Avolusion external hard drive on your PS4 gaming console.

Do You Need To Format Your Avolusion Hard Drive For Your PS4 Gaming Console?

Avolusion hard drives are designed to work perfectly on PS4 gaming consoles. Moreover, these hard drives come preformatted for PS4, so you don't need to reformat them for your PS4 gaming console.

How To Use Avolusion Hard Drive On Your PS4 Gaming Console?

  • To begin with, using a USB cable, connect your external hard drive to your gaming console.
  • Make sure you connect it directly to your console. And avoid using any USB hubs.
  • The hard drive's Plug-n-Play feature enables you to use it the moment you connect it to your console. So, the PS4 system will start using the new storage automatically.
  • This is how you should add your external hard drive to your PS4.
  • Henceforth, you can store your games and apps on your external hard drive.
  • Once you are done with your avolusion external hard drive, you need to disconnect it properly. The following section will guide you in that regard.

How To Disconnect Your Avolusion Hard Drive From Ps4?

  • It is crucial to disconnect your hard drive in the proper manner. If you make a mistake here, it may lead to data loss.
  • Press and hold the Play Station button on the controller; this will open the Quick menu. Select the Sound/Devices option followed by the Stop Using Extended Storage option. When the confirmation box pops up, click the OK button.
  • Alternatively, navigate to Settings> Devices> USB Storage Devices. Here, click the Stop Using Extended Storage option.
  • End Up Your External Hard Drive Usuage By Click On
  • Now, it is safe to disconnect your Avolusion hard drive from your PS4.

How To Set Your Hard Drive As The Default Location For Your Games?

  • In case you want to keep all the games you installed on your Avolusion PS4 Hard Drive, you need to make a few changes in the Settings section. Refer to these instructions and implement them as mentioned.
  • Navigate to the Settings section and select the storage option.
  • On the controller, click the Options button and select Application Install Location.
  • Here, select the Extended Storage option; this makes your external hard drive the default location for your games.
  • External Drive As Default Drive Option

This is the procedure for connecting, disconnecting, and using your Avolusion External Hard Drive On PS4. For further questions and clarifications, get in touch with our technical experts by making use of the call option.

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